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Renewing Zurich Car Insurance is as easy as 123

Get your insurance cover note in 3 simple steps.

Get Quote, Review & Payment.

Select renewing for Car or Bike

Why you should renew through us?

Professional Agent

There are benefits when you renew your car insurance through agents. You get supports and advice to insurance matters. Acting as your agent, we can help you pass endorsement for NCD recovery, extension, cancellation etc. 

Fire, Travel, PA, All Risk Insurance

We do not just offer car insurance renewal, we can provide coverage for your house, travel insurance and any general insurance such as Personal Accident, Burglary etc. 

For all your insurance needs, give us a call!

More than just Zurich

If you need more selctions before making any decision. Just contact us.

We can offer you quotes from other insurance companies so that you can make an informed decision.


Cannot renew online?

If you are unable to renew your vehicle using any of the above links, check if it is due to below problems. Fret not, we can assist you in getting an insurance quote. Just drop us a whatsapp message and we will come to your aide!

Lapsed Policy

If your existing policy has lapsed, you may not be able to renew online.


Double check if your NRIC number and Vehicle number is correct, otherwise, the system may not be able to apply your NCD.

Commercial Vehicle?

For commercial vehicle, such as A or C permit, we will have to manually quote you. Please whatsapp us for faster support.

Ownership Transfer?

If it is an ownership or new vehicle registration, we will have to manually quote for you. Do whstapp us for faster support.

If you prefer to communicate to us directly………..let’s whatsapp